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Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art

四季 -秋 Autumn-

四季 -秋 Autumn-

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Size: 15.5cm x 20.5cm (outer frame), 9cm x 13cm (inner frame)

Material: Motifs(Mizuhiki), Frame(Wood)

Style: Stand, Wall hanging


Autumn in Japan is a season where the earth is adorned in deep hues, and nature orchestrates a poetic beauty. The leaves of trees transform from rich greens to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, swaying in the wind as they paint the landscape like a living canvas. The natural shift in colors is akin to a painting, evoking a striking beauty that resonates deeply with the heart.

With the arrival of autumn, the changing leaves symbolize both farewells and new beginnings. The beauty of the autumn foliage often stirs a sense of melancholy and profound emotion, yet simultaneously captivates the heart with its breathtaking allure.

In historic places like Kyoto and Nara, the autumn foliage graces ancient temples, shrines, and gardens, creating picturesque scenes full of charm. Leaf-peeping, a traditional activity where people enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves, becomes a special moment to feel the arrival of autumn.

Because it is made of paper, it may discolor over time.
Falling or throwing the work may cause damage.

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