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Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art

四季 -冬 Winter-

四季 -冬 Winter-

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Size: 15.5cm x 20.5cm (outer frame), 9cm x 13cm (inner frame)

Material: Motifs(Mizuhiki), Frame(Wood)

Style: Stand, Wall hanging


Winter in Japan is often draped in snow, enveloped in a quiet and mystical beauty. As the cold wind sweeps through and the chill permeates, a particularly captivating presence emerges—the swan.

On lakes and riverbanks adorned with falling snow, graceful swans elegantly swim, harmonizing with the snowy landscape. Their snowy-white feathers glisten on cold winter days, and their reflection on the water resembles a living sculpture of ice. The posture and movements of the swans convey a serene yet elegant and powerful beauty.

Swans are frequently associated with heralding the arrival of winter, and their flight and calls become a poetic element in the snowy scenery. The flock of swans gliding through the cold winter sky feels like ethereal beings dancing in the air, offering a warm sense of wonder amidst the chilly season.

Winter swans symbolize the beauty of nature and the changing seasons, adding a deep sense of emotion and poetry to Japan's winter landscape.


Because it is made of paper, it may discolor over time.
Falling or throwing the work may cause damage.

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