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Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art

四季 -夏 Summer-

四季 -夏 Summer-

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Size: 15.5cm x 20.5cm (outer frame), 9cm x 13cm (inner frame)

Material: Motifs(Mizuhiki), Frame(Wood)

Style: Stand, Wall hanging


Summer is a season in Japan where nature radiates with brilliance and vitality. The sun's rays are dazzling, and the sky is clear. Lush greenery and fields come alive under the radiant summer sunshine, glowing with even more vibrant colors.

Summer's sunflowers seem like the very embodiment of the sun on Earth. Their generous yellow petals shine under the warm summer sunlight, and vast sunflower fields symbolize the quintessential summer scene.

Standing in a sunflower field, the endless sea of yellow flowers seems to bring brightness and hope to the heart. Summer's sunflowers bloom magnificently in nature, their beauty and strength imparting a warm touch of summer to those who behold them.


Because it is made of paper, it may discolor over time.
Falling or throwing the work may cause damage.

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