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Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art

Mizuhiki しめ縄飾り -Shimenawa Kazari- 2024

Mizuhiki しめ縄飾り -Shimenawa Kazari- 2024

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Size: 12cm × 12cm (ca.) 

Material: Mizuhiki

【Shipping Schedule】

Japan: Ships within 2 weeks after purchase (ゆうパケット)

Other countries: Ships sequentially from December 1, 2023

*For shipping details and inquiries, please visit our contact page.


 Shimenawa is one of the Japanese New Year decorations, usually made of braided straw ropes. It is hung on the gate of a house at New Year's to symbolize its sacred place and to ward off evil spirits. Shimenawa and other New Year's decorations are displayed from New Year's Day to January 7 (January 15 in some areas), which is called 鏡開き Kagamibiraki, after which they are burned at shrines or other places and disposed of.

 Mizuhiki is a material made from Washi paper, which is directly painted or wrapped with rayon or chemical fibers. Due to the characteristics of Washi paper, please be careful not to let it get soaked or stained excessively. If it gets slightly wet, wipe it off gently with a towel and dry it in the shade so that it does not lose its shape.


 The actual color may differ depending on your device and the light in the photo. 

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