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Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art



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Size: 2cm (dia.) 2cm (long)

Material: Mino pottery tile, Mizuhiki


美濃焼 Mino-yaki is a traditional Japanese ceramic ware that originates from the Mino region in Gifu Prefecture. Known for its rustic yet refined designs, Mino-yaki is crafted with traditional techniques, often done by hand, resulting in products with subtle individual characteristics. The pottery is esteemed for its high quality and is used for various purposes, including tableware and tea utensils. Mino-yaki plays a significant role in Japan's cultural heritage, showcasing the country's rich tradition of craftsmanship and artistic expression.


Mizuhiki is a material made from Washi paper, which is directly painted or wrapped with rayon or chemical fibers. Due to the characteristics of Washi paper, please be careful not to let it get soaked or stained excessively. If it gets slightly wet, wipe it off gently with a towel and dry it in the shade so that it does not lose its shape.

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